Truffle Hunting in Umbria

The Umbria-truffle union has always been inseparable: our territory, imaginable as an immense truffle ground, offers a very rich variety of truffles, white truffles, prized black truffles, from the most renowned, to the summer scorzone, each with its own unmistakable scent, flavor and appearance.

That of the truffle hunter, is an ancient profession of great love for the land, intelligent observation, anticipation and also deep satisfaction.

We will avail ourselves of his expert guidance, aided by an unparalleled four-legged assistant, to learn the secrets of this noble tuber, truffle dog search, caving and cultivation, through a nature trail of great beauty.

And for those who still had some questions at the end of the truffle hunt? Don’t worry, the experience can only end with a delicious black truffle tasting that will melt away any doubts and palates! Umbria and the truffle …. a perfect match!

One of Italy’s most important exhibitions is dedicated to the truffle, which takes place the last two weekends of November in Valtopina, a beautiful village in the Topino valley in the heart of Umbria.

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