Secrets of the Farm: Buffalo Mozzarella.

Buffalo mozzarella is a fresh stretched curd cheese made mainly from buffalo milk. Native to southern Italy, specifically the regions of Campania, Lazio, Puglia, and Molise, buffalo mozzarella is famous for its rich flavor and unique texture. Buffalo mozzarella is a symbolic product of the Italian dairy tradition, celebrated for its quality and unmistakable flavor all over the world with a more intense taste and a creamier texture than cow’s milk mozzarella. It is lightly salty and has a distinctive lactic flavor. The color is porcelain white, with a smooth, glossy surface. The inside is soft and juicy. The buffalo is a social animal that lives in structured groups, has a strong sense of hierarchy and close family ties. She is generally quiet and docile, but can show defensive behavior if threatened, she is a good being with whom she develops an authentic bond of affection and dedication.

The farm that we are going to visit in the heart of Umbria has been designed and cared for to ensure the well-being of the more than 130 noble animals that live there. Immersed in vast unspoiled pastures, surrounded by crystal-clear water springs for their summer baths and breathing the pure air of picturesque Umbria, buffaloes live in an environment that preserves their health and vitality. In this context, the farm is transformed into a kind of natural sanctuary, where what is beautiful and authentic finds its maximum expression. The milk produced by these happy and serene buffaloes fully reflects the extraordinary living conditions they enjoy. It is not only tasty and thirst-quenching, but it is also rich in essential nutrients such as high-quality proteins, minerals and natural antioxidants. The farm was founded in 2003 by a family from Campania who worked hard to bring the tradition of buffalo to the heart of Umbria.

The tour will allow us to discover the mozzarella production processes, experience the atmosphere of the Umbrian countryside, and learn about the buffaloes that produce excellent milk. During the tours, visitors can enjoy mozzarella, ricotta and cheeses, freshly prepared on the veranda of the farm.

Seeing firsthand the work that goes into the production of food and other agricultural products can lead to a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude. The value of natural food, produced with care and respect for the environment, is better understood, and a greater respect for those who work in agriculture is developed.

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