The first image that strikes any visitor arriving in Orvieto is undoubtedly the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, known as the Duomo of Orvieto.

The imposing building is embellished with mosaics, statues, frescoes, including Luca Signorelli’s Last Judgment, bas-reliefs and mighty columns, an elegant and majestic work ready to enchant you.

Another fascinating place, almost overhanging the tufa cliff on which Orvieto stands, is St. Patrick’s Well.

A magnificent work of Renaissance engineering that intertwined with traditions and legends over time has given rise to a true myth.

The well, a full 54 meters deep, has a double spiral staircase that resembles the structure of DNA and leaves you amazed both by its perfection and the visual effects it can create as you walk down it.

But Orvieto’s mysteries are not yet over: a network of underground caves, quarries, ravines, columbaria and wells testifies to the town’s Etruscan roots and leads to the discovery of another world kept underground in the city.

As you travel the Orvieto Ring, the pedestrian road that circles the city, you will encounter access to the Crocifisso del Tufo archaeological site, an Etruscan necropolis dating from the 6th century B.C. Along the ring rise the Sanctuary of Cannicella and Orvieto’s medieval gates.

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