Trekking to the ghost town

Incredible trekking experience to reach Umbrian the ghost town.

The whole route is particularly impressive both from a naturalistic and historical point of view. In the midst of spectacular nature immersed in the green Valnerina, within the River Nera River Park, hides one of the most evocative places in the whole of Umbria the castle of Umbrian, the ghost town , As soon as you arrive at the site you are faced with the first ruined houses but still clearly visible as a structure.

They all have the same feature, on the ground floor the barns and stables, tanks for pressing grapes; on the second floor the kitchens and lounges; and, on the floor above wooden-roofed rooms where there are stone fireplaces.
Everything we encounter demonstrates the prestige of the castle of yesteryear: an architecture made up of windows embellished with sills and the stone portals.

At the center of the village, with a fantastic belvedere, is a church in which fragments of frescoes are still visible, reportedly dating to the work of Spain, including two that are still identifiable, St. Sebastian and Crucifixion with the Eternal. The entire village is then dominated by the still well-preserved remains of the fortress watchtower, from whose small window, climbing up, the entire valley and in particular the abbey of San Pietro in Valle, which could be controlled and defended from here, is visible.

The route is not very demanding and allows anyone to discover the magic of a unique place The charm of this place is characterized by its mystery, and the signs left by the multiple civilizations that have settled here.
After an exciting trekking route with an expert guide literally overwhelmed by nature for peace of heart and soul that will reveal the history and secrets of the castle we will reach a restaurant where a good lunch will be served with typical products of our land.

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