Trekking along the Via adegli Eremiti: from the abbey of Sitria to the monatero of Fonte Avellana

A journey between two places of great faith and charm,Sitria Abbey and Fonte Avellana Monastery, which arose around the year 1000 and have become important centers of spiritual life in the Umbria-Marches Apennines. We start first in clearing places rich in vegetation and blooms, then enter the lush mixed forest, which provides shelter and food for many animal species.

We reach the pass that marks the border with the Marche Region, on summit meadows from which a splendid panorama can be seen: to the south the valley is rich in vegetation, while to the north the Fonte Avellana monastery can be seen in the distance, surrounded by woods of chestnut trees, holm oaks, maples and beeches that in autumn turn into a myriad of colors creating the effect of foliage: it is a true mosaic of environments that follow one another and interpenetrate in an extraordinary way. The variety of environments, colors, sounds, life forms present and the continuity between different ecosystems makes these places full of charm, perhaps the same charm that has guided pilgrims and travelers over the centuries in search of tranquility and spirituality.

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