Trasimeno tour by motorboat

An exclusive point of view to admire the beauty of Lake Trasimeno, the largest lake in central Italy, is from the water. Here you have a completely different perspective than you would have from the mainland. The surface of the lake takes on an even more pronounced tranquility and beauty when you are inside it. Sailing on its waters allows you to fully appreciate the vastness of the lake and to observe its flora and fauna up close. You can see the birds flying above it and along its shores, such as herons, cormorants, and coots, the fish swimming in its depths, and the aquatic plants moving at the rhythm of the waves. The soft sound of the waves crashing on the boat, the breeze caressing your face and the reflection of the sky and the sun on the water create a relaxing and magical atmosphere, of peace and serenity fully transmitted by the lake the same way as does the sea.

Seeing Lake Trasimeno directly from the water with a luxury motorboat is an experience that allows you to connect in a more intimate way with the natural beauty of the place and to fully appreciate all that it can give us.

A professional skipper will accompany us through foam trails, natural landscapes of incomparable beauty, historic houses, castles and picturesque views. During sunset or sunrise in particular, you can enjoy spectacular shades of light and colors that paint the sky and reflect on the waters of the lake, creating moments of great charm and beauty.

Sailing on Lake Trasimeno also offers the opportunity to explore its islands, such as Isola Maggiore and Isola Polvese, which add an extra charm to the view. Polvese Island is the largest of the lake, it is a place of great historical, naturalistic and cultural interest. During Roman times, it was known as “Mansio“, a strategic point for the control of the entire Lake Trasimeno. Over the centuries, it has been home to monasteries and convents, such as the Monastery of San Secondo, which is an important example of medieval architecture. The island is a true paradise for nature lovers; it is covered with lush vegetation, with forests of holm oaks, elms, lime trees and poplars, which provide shelter for a variety of animal species. It is also an important site for bird watching; many migratory species stop here during their journey, right in this protected area managed by the Lake Trasimeno Regional Park.

Isola Maggiore, like Isola Polvese, has a rich and fascinating history. One of the most iconic places on Isola Maggiore is the fishing village, which retains its rustic and authentic charm. The picturesque paved streets and colorful houses give this village a magical and unique atmosphere.

What an extraordinary experience, then, sailing on Lake Trasimeno! Admiring its sparkling waters and the beautiful islands that emerge on the horizon, while enjoying a tasty aperitif on board, is truly a luxury that adds a touch of class to an already memorable excursion. I imagine the feeling of relaxation and exclusivity as you let yourself be lulled by the waves, surrounded by the natural beauty of the lake, sipping cocktails and tasting gourmet delicacies. And after spending enchanting hours in the middle of nature, nothing is more perfect than a fish lunch in a typical trattoria on the lake. With the fresh and authentic flavors of the dishes prepared with the catch of the day, the culinary experience of this unforgettable day is truly completed. Whether it’s a special celebration, a romantic occasion, or simply a moment of pure pleasure, this combination of luxury, adventure, and taste will surely make this excursion on Lake Trasimeno a lasting memory.

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