The Diverticulum ab Helvillo - Anconam trail with lunch

To walk in the footsteps of this path is not only to immerse oneself in nature, but also to grasp the charm of walking, after centuries, the same paths and places that were the scene of great events, in the footsteps of the ancient patriarchs. The excursion starts from the center of the delightful medieval village of Fossato di Vico, under the Municipal Tower.

We continue by skirting and visiting the basilica of St. Benedict and continue to a hamlet, where in ancient times stood the settlement of “Helvillum,” a post station of the Roman empire, located along the Flaminia consular road, remembered in the various Roman itineraries by virtue of its road centrality. The view is beautiful and sweeps from the valley, to the hills, to the Apennine mountains, which over the years have maintained a unique beauty and essentiality.

At the end of the tour, we can taste the renowned flavors of the oil produced from the milling of olives grown with love in the area, which boasts the highest quality. Lunch at a local restaurant.

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