The Consular Gate marks the entrance to the town of Spello, or in the words of Julius Caesar the “Splendidissima Colonia Julia,” an enchanting village of Roman origin, counted among the most beautiful in Italy, thanks to its rich environmental, cultural and artistic heritage. Spello still retains traces of its historic past with the ancient walls and Propertius Towers protecting Porta Venere, another access point to the village. The church of Santa Maria Maggiore can be reached by walking through charming alleys and ancient streets, along which overlook blooming balconies that over time have become true symbols of the city, and still remain one of the most popular attractions. The church, houses an artistic treasure inside: the Baglioni Chapel, with Deruta majolica floor tiles and frescoes by Pinturicchio. Spello also boasts of a very rich Pinacoteca and, just outside the walls, a wonderful museum complex known as the “Villa Dei Mosaici,” which has unearthed as much as 500 square meters of precious mosaics whose central theme is that of the grape harvest and wine.


June Corpus Christi

On the feast of Corpus Christi, the beautiful village of Spello is adorned with flowers, colors and scents, with the setting up of the Infiorate. Master flower arrangers work an entire night to create carpets and floral paintings that wind their way through the streets of the historic center to honor the passage of the Body of Christ, carried in procession by the bishop on Sunday morning. The result is a spectacular route of about 2,000 meters, characterized by the alternation of more than sixty different infiorate with dazzling colors and refined hues, a true masterpiece of the Spello artistic imagination.


June Corpus Christi

It is precisely to the splendor of Spello in Roman times that the city pays homage with the historical re-enactment “Hispellum.” Along the streets of the historic center, Hispellum returns to the everyday life of artisan stores, the market, baths, taverns, temples and military encampments. In the evening, the alleys come alive offering unmissable banquets, performances and gladiatorial fights.

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