An Umbrian village of incredible history and beauty is Montefalco, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, situated atop a hill overlooking the plain of the Topino and Clitunno rivers. Montefalco is called the railing of Umbria; in fact, from its belvederes, it is possible to admire a 360-degree view of the entire valley between Perugia and Spoleto, from the slopes of the Subappennines to those of the Martani Mountains.

The village, which spreads out in a radius of charming cobblestone alleys all around the marvelous central square, boasts numerous points of interest: the city walls, the Verziere Tower, and the magnificent museum complex of San Francesco. The complex, built by the Friars Minor between 1335 and 1338, houses spectacular frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli depicting episodes from the life of St. Francis, and numerous other works of great beauty and inestimable value.

Wine also makes this town proud: the prized “Sagrantino di Montefalco” is the red wine that has made Umbria famous worldwide for its wine production. The Sagrantino grape variety grows only here, or rather, it is in the green hills around this village that it achieves its best results, thanks to a combination of factors such as the composition of the soil, the microclimate and the expert care of the vintners, which have been passionately guarded and passed down from generation to generation.

Montefalco August

A highly anticipated event of the summer, Agosto Montefalchese envelops the enchanting “railing of Umbria” with colors, music and flavors. From the Medieval Banquet to the Fuga Del Bove, Montefalco hosts in its most picturesque corners, two weeks of non-stop festivities!

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