Hot air balloon flight

Dating back to an invention of the eighteenth century, the hot air balloon represents the first realization of man’s deepest and most imaginative dream: to fly! What could be more exciting than flying?

A hot air balloon flight always offers unique and exciting adventures… every time it takes flight, the hot air balloon guarantees maximum safety and a privileged vantage point of Umbria where natural beauty, cultural heritage and mysticism meet in a perfect embrace.

We will experience the romantic and timeless beauty of Umbria from a unique perspective!

The appointment is early in the morning; after inflation, which takes about 35 minutes, we take off! After take-off, surrounded by the green Umbrian hills we catch a glimpse of the majesty of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi and its unique architecture, whose construction started in 1228, two years after the death of the Saint, which will soon appear in all its beauty. We will discover the typical Umbrian countryside, the vineyards that produce the best wines of the region, the olive trees – green gold for the best extra virgin olive oil in Italy, and in the distance, Mount Subasio which with its 1290 meters dominates the whole valley.

Passengers are invited on board and receive a short safety briefing and instructions from the pilot,who will also explain the principle that governs the flight of this large balloon: the hot air has a lighter mass than the cold one, it tends to rise upwards, thus gently lifting it off the ground until it slowly takes flight.

The flight takes about an hour, depending on wind speed, direction, and weather conditions, which can affect its duration. In fact, the hot air balloon does not have its own direction instruments and relies on the wind to move.

It is possible to request an exclusive flight. Our pilot and experienced crew will provide impeccable service with attention to details and make sure passengers have the unique experience of a lifetime.

The magic of flying gives incredible emotions: imagine getting up early in the morning, when the air is still fresh and the sunlight just begins to color the sky. You approach the meeting point, where the hot air balloon is already taking shape, slowly inflating with the warm air.

As you prepare for the flight, you feel a mixture of excitement and slight apprehension. The idea of soaring into the air without wings can be both exciting and a little scary. But when the time comes to get on board and the hot air balloon gently lifts off the ground, all your worries vanish.

You feel a sensation of lightness as the hot air balloon slowly rises into the sky. The land below gradually recedes, as you float above breathtaking landscapes. The tranquility and peace that you feel are unique: there is no engine noise, only the slight hiss of the air passing around the balloon.

Looking down, you can see the world from a completely different perspective. The houses, roads, and fields look tiny and unremarkable, while the rivers and woods stretch out like living paintings below you. It is a captivating experience that makes you feel in communion with nature and with the sky itself.

Every hot air balloon flight is a unique experience! There can be a sense of adventure in the uncertainty of where exactly you’ll land, but that’s also part of the thrill of flying. And as the hot air balloon slowly approaches the ground for landing, you feel a sense of gratitude for having had such an amazing experience. It is a moment to remember forever, a moment of tranquility, astonishment and freedom.

After landing, we celebrate the magical experience with an inviting brunch and a toast in the cellar with a selection of typical Umbrian products carefully chosen by our collaborators.

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