Gubbio is a wonderful medieval town in Umbria. Its Colle Eletto cable car climbs Mount Ingino where the five-aisled basilica of St. Ubaldo stands out among the greenery and from where there are breathtaking views of the city and the Apennines.

The Cathedral located, in the historic center, houses 16th-century paintings and a Baroque chapel. Inside the Palazzo dei Consoli, with its crenellated top, is the Museo Civico built in the Gothic style, testifying to Gubbio’s importance in medieval times.
The history of Gubbio is also closely linked to that of St. Francis. According to the narrative in Chapter XXI of the Fioretti, it was here, in the vicinity of the church of Our Lady of Victory, known as the church of the vittorina, that St. Francis miraculously managed to tame a ferocious wolf that had been terrorizing the inhabitants of Gubbio for some time.
At Christmas Gubbio lights up with a thousand colors: majestic and the largest in the world is the tree that is lit on Mount Ingino on the eve of the Immaculate Conception. The Gubbio tree is 650 meters high and 350 meters wide, has more than 8,000 lights topped by a beautiful star, and is a popular destination for many tourists each year.



The Gubbio Medieval Festival is not strictly a historical reenactment, but a real cultural event international that involves not only enthusiasts but also historians, essayists, writers, filmmakers, architects and qualified journalists to tell ten centuries of history, from the fall of the Roman Empire to the discovery of America, with cultural events, exhibitions, markets, exhibitions and performances.


May 15

The Corsa dei Ceri is a centuries-old festival that is among the most spectacular in Umbria. The event takes place every year in Gubbio on May 15, in honor of St. Ubaldo, the city’s patron saint. The event engages participants, in an exciting race from the historic center to the Basilica of Sant’Ubaldo on Mount Ingino, in which the three districts of Gubbio compete by carrying on their shoulders along the entire route the three candles, imposing wooden structures weighing about four quintals each. An event with a strong involvement not only for the inhabitants of Gubbio, but also for all visitors who love Umbria and its folklore.

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