Gubbio and the Bottacione Gorge: human and extraterrestrial stories

The Bottaccione Gorge is a geological wonder located near Gubbio, in Umbria, and is a place of outstanding natural beauty and great scientific interest. This gorge is famous for its impressive rock walls, which rise vertically up to 300 meters high, creating a striking and spectacular canyon. What a day full of discoveries and adventures we are going to experience with this hiking excursion!

We will begin our exploration in Gubbio, immersing ourselves in its medieval atmosphere through the gate of Sant’Ubaldo, dedicated to the patron saint of the city. Walking along the ancient walls, we will let ourselves be transported back in time, imagining the events and deeds that have characterized this fascinating village over the centuries. Our journey will take us along the route of the ancient medieval aqueduct, an extraordinary testimony of the engineering and craftsmanship of past times, until we arrive after the walk at the Bottaccione Gorge.

The formation of the Bottaccione Gorge is mainly linked to the erosive action of the water that has sculpted the rocky walls of the gorge over the millennia. Erosion caused by the rivers and streams that flow through the Umbria region has helped shape the surrounding landscape, carving out the deep canyons and gorges along their path.

The rocks that make up the walls of the gorge are mainly sedimentary and testify to the geological history of the region. Through the rock stratifications it is possible to read the thousand-year history of the Earth and understand the processes that have shaped the landscape over time. The Gorge is of particular interest because of its importance in defining the theory of the extinction of the dinosaurs. The rocks of the gorge have been studied by geologists and paleontologists, who have found important evidence in the rock layers regarding the mass extinction that led to the disappearance of the dinosaurs and many other forms of life on Earth about 66 million years ago.

In addition to its scientific value, the Bottaccione Gorge is also a place of outstanding natural beauty, its geological history and scenic beauty make it a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to explore Umbria and discover its hidden treasures.

The trail to get to the gorge is suitable for medium-level hikers, with a trekking route that crosses forests, meadows and rocky terrain. The trail is well-marked and offers several opportunities to admire the local flora and fauna along the way. Along the trail, hikers will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the peaks of the Sibillini Mountains. The excitement increases as you get closer to the gorge, with its rock walls that stand out against the sky and create an evocative and compelling atmosphere.

After the gorge we will complete our experience by visiting the “Extinction” exhibition, where we will take a trip back in time to explore the world of dinosaurs through life-size models and unique exhibits. It will be an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the ancient history of the Earth and to be fascinated by the grandeur and diversity of life that populated our planet millions of years ago.

Back in the heart of the historic center, we will take a break to savor the delicious typical local products, enjoying the authentic flavors of Umbrian cuisine. It will be a perfect time to reflect on the wonders we encountered along our journey and to fully appreciate the richness of Umbria.

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