Gualdo Tadino and its mountains: among nature, hermitages and culture

Gualdo Tadino is a charming town of medieval origin, rich in ancient historical evidence, such as a stupendous stronghold linked to Frederick II, towers, ancient gateways and more; it is the city of water, in fact here springs thewater Rocchetta, the primary resource of the area; it is also the city of artistic handmade ceramics, produced by the skilled hands of local artisans. Here we can find numerous hermitages, where historically have stopped in prayer, numerous pilgrim saints, including St. Francis and many others.

We leave from the city center and head for the hermitage located on Mount Serrasanta, following the path through wild forests and meadows, which during the flowering seasons are tinged like a palette of colors.

Upon reaching the top, we stand next to the small church, which towers above the ancient rock hermitage, facing an exciting panorama that ancient pilgrims have contemplated over the centuries. We taste crescia, typical bread from upper Umbria, filled with any goodness you want, in a traditional facility. In the afternoon we visit Gualdo Tadino and a historic ceramic factory, where from the transformation of limestone rock, true works of art are obtained.

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