Family trekking in green Umbria

An easy hike that will take us to the intimate and fascinating San Pietro Valley, the most beautiful in the Park. In every season, nature will amaze and fascinate children and parents in the cool, peaceful beech forest of the Ranco Valley.

We immerse ourselves in a natural spectacle: waterfalls interrupt the slow flow of water, which cascades over white tiled slabs forming small pools. This watercourse of clear, pure water gradually becomes wider, with beech-covered slopes and dense undergrowth. In ancient times, theHermitage of San Pietro Orticheto was located in this area, evidence of the widespread spread of monasticism in the area, as well as the importance that the mule track had in times past, when most resources were tied to the mountains.

Shepherds, woodsmen, hunters, merchants, soldiers and religious people who traveled through this impassable environment could find hospitality at the hermitage.

Extensive and varied spring-summer blooms rich in rare and endemic species, such as violets, narcissus, primrose, and various species of wild orchids. Buzzards, kestrels and peregrine falcons often hover in the sky. The route represents the ancient link between Umbria and Marche, as well as between the villages in the valley and the mountains.

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