Vintage Car Tours in Umbria

Imagine setting off on an adventurous tour through Umbria aboard a vintage car, a stunning automobile that evokes the charm of the past and blends perfectly with the picturesque atmosphere of the region.

You pass through the medieval villages that dot the Umbrian hills, enjoying the breathtaking landscape of green fields, vineyards, and olive groves that stretch to infinity.

Every bend in the road gives you a new postcard view, with the red roofs of the ancient houses standing out against the blue sky and the medieval towers standing proudly.

Continue your journey to the jewels of Umbria, such as the majestic city of Assisi, with its ancient walls and historical monuments, including the Basilica of San Francesco, a masterpiece of Gothic and Renaissance art.

You stop for a gourmet lunch in a traditional restaurant, where you can enjoy typical Umbrian dishes prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients.


The Pallas car, commonly known as Lo Squalo (in English, “The Shark”), is one of the most iconic cars produced by the Italian carmaker Lancia. This vehicle is particularly famous for its distinctive design, which has given it the nickname “the Shark” because of its aerodynamic lines that resemble the shapes of a shark in motion.

The Lancia Pallas was produced in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Its design was developed by Pininfarina, one of Italy’s most prestigious coachbuilders. The car featured a sleek, curvy body, with a front grille that resembled the jaws of a shark and flowing lines that stretched from the hood to the rear.

From a technical point of view, the Pallas was equipped with powerful and high-performance engines, making it a luxury car suitable for both road driving and motor racing at the time. Its sophisticated mechanics and advanced suspension ensured a comfortable and dynamic driving experience, characteristics that contributed to its commercial success and reputation in the automotive world.

Despite its limited production run and its status as a classic vehicle, the Lancia Pallas continues to be highly prized by classic car enthusiasts and collectors, who admire its fascinating design, exceptional performance and timeless appeal. Its successful history and impact on the Italian automotive industry make it one of the most legendary cars ever produced.


The Volkswagen T1, commonly known as the “Volkswagen Minibus” or “Bulli“, is one of the most iconic vehicles ever produced. The first generation of this famous vehicle contributed significantly to the popularity and spread of vans in the world’s automotive culture.

The Volkswagen T1 van was introduced to the market in 1950 and immediately achieved great success, becoming a symbol of freedom and adventure especially during the 1960s and 1970s. Its distinctive design, featuring rounded lines, a cubic shape, and a large panoramic windshield, made it instantly recognizable and well-loved. This vehicle was originally designed to be used as a commercial vehicle, suitable for transporting goods and people. However, it also became very popular as a leisure and camping vehicle, thanks to its spacious rear compartment that could be converted into a bed and the ability to mount camping equipment.

The T1 was offered in several variants, including passenger models, cargo vans, and versions adapted for commercial and industrial use. It has also undergone several transformations and customizations by the owners, which have made each Volkswagen minibus unique and distinctive. In addition to its attractive design and versatility, the Volkswagen T1 minibus has earned a reputation for reliability and durability. Many units of this first generation are still on the road and are highly sought after by collectors and classic vehicle enthusiasts.

Today, the T1 has become a cultural icon, a symbol of freedom, adventure, and rebellious spirit. Its influence goes far beyond the automotive world, influencing fashion, music, and popular culture in general.


The Volkswagen Beetle Convertible, also known as the Beetle Convertible produced by the German car manufacturer Volkswagen in the 1950s, has the distinctive “ladybug” shape and air-cooled rear engine, with the addition of a retractable canvas roof that allows you to enjoy the pleasure of driving in the open air.

This model has become very popular due to its cute design and fun features. The canvas roof could be lowered manually to transform the Beetle Convertible into an open-top car, giving a sense of freedom and adventure to its passengers with a spacious cabin and a large trunk in the front hood.

Over the years, the Beetle Convertible has undergone various modifications and upgrades, both cosmetic and technological, to adapt to the changing consumer tastes and safety regulations. However, it has always retained its retro charm and unique personality, becoming an icon of automotive design and a car loved by millions of people around the world.

Even though the production of the Beetle Convertible ended in 2019, its spirit lives on thanks to its presence on the streets and the support from enthusiasts who continue to cultivate a love for this iconic vehicle.

OUR VINTAGE CAR TOURS:There are numerous tourist itineraries that can be done in our wonderful green region, Umbria, and the neighboring region Tuscany, itineraries created for you to discover food and wine delights and typical products of our land, fine wines, natural landscapes, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, natural pools, hills with splendid panoramic views, valleys in full bloom and our iconic ancient villages – Etruscan, Roman, medieval – often hidden when organizing a trip to Umbria, but which are absolutely worth a visit.


It is possible to take a panoramic tour of Lake Trasimeno and the surrounding villages: Castiglione del Lago, Passignano sul Trasimeno, passing by Monte del Lago and San Feliciano, combined with a full typical lunch at a typical trattoria in Lake Trasimeno with a tasting of DOC-certificate wines and ending the day with a private boat tour on Lake Trasimeno with private skipper and a tasty aperitif to complete this luxury experience while appreciating the views offered by the lake, its islands and the villages that surround it.


The day begins with pick-up at your accommodation, where our driver will meet you with his vintage car and will take you on a panoramic tour of his choice, which includes driving on secondary roads to appreciate the uncontaminated nature that characterizes our green region, its hills and valleys, its olive groves and vineyards and its splendid ancient villages located in panoramic points of great beauty. Then we reach Gubbio, one of the oldest Umbrian cities, where you can breathe history from every stone and where we find numerous traces of its glorious past: the Roman Theater ,the Basilica of Sant’Ubaldo which overlooks the city and hosts the remains of the patron saint of Gubbio, the Gothic Cathedral, the Church of Santa Maria Nuova, the Palazzo dei Consoli, the Palazzo Ducale and many others that we will discover with the private guide. We reach a local restaurant and enjoy lunch with typical dishes from Gubbio and the region in general paired with Umbrian wines and after lunch, we enjoy the Umbrian countryside on an adventurous horseback ride.

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