Nestled among hills of evergreen forests, Solomeo is a 14th-century village that revives the original medieval and Renaissance forms that have always characterized it.

In 1391 the village was fortified with the construction of the present Solomeo Castle. The castle, the ancient parish church, the 17th-century Antinori villa and the Cucinelli Theater form the backdrop to an evocative reality rich in historical, artistic and scenic beauty.

Beginning in 1985 Brunello Cucinelli went from a small artisan to a large cashmere entrepreneur, making the village the home of his business.



Enjoy the beauty of the village of Solomeo during the days of the Renaissance festival: workshops of ancient crafts, minstrels, jugglers, acrobats, fire-eaters, storytellers, taverns … one of the most beautiful reenactments in the region!

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