Airsoft in the Sibillini Mountains

Do you want to spend moments of pure adrenaline with your friends, immersing yourself in immersive and addictive combat simulations? Airsoft is exactly what you need! Airsoft, also known as tactical sport shooting, is much more than just a pastime: it is a recreational-sporting activity that tests your tactical skills and immerses you in a compelling experience based on techniques, strategies and military uses.

Imagine being in a vast wooded area, surrounded by your teammates, as you plan your moves to conquer strategic objectives and get the highest score possible. Equipped with realistic yet safe firearm replicas , you’ll engage in coordinated tactical action, trying to outwit the opposing factions with cunning and courage.

This is not just a game, but an immersive experience that allows you to test your team skills, improve your strategy, and have fun with friends in an exciting and safe environment. Whether you’re a fan of role-playing games, a lover of tactical challenges, or just want to experience an unforgettable adventure, airsoft is the perfect activity for you! Airsoft is a type of game similar to paintball, but instead of using paint, small plastic pellets called BB (Ball Bearing) are used. Players use realistic replicas of firearms, but with compressed air or gas, rather than real weapons, to simulate combat in urban, woodland, or indoor environments. It is a very popular hobby among fans of military tactics and combat simulations, but it is important to practice it in designated places and following strict safety rules.

The game is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. There is no room for violence, in fact any kind of physical contact with opponents is strictly prohibited, thus ensuring a completely harmless and risk-free game environment.

To fully immerse yourself in this adventure, you’ll be outfitted with carefully replicated military-grade firearms, known as airsoft guns. These replicas are designed to be completely safe, non-harmful to simulate realistic shootouts without any danger to the participants.

In addition, you will be provided with appropriate attire, similar to that worn by armed forces around the world. Not only does this add a touch of realism to the game, but it also ensures your safety and comfort during the activity.

After a short but comprehensive training on the rules of the game, the safe use of weapons, and combat strategies, you’ll be ready to start the adventure! Whether you’re a novice or a veteran of airsoft, you’ll be welcomed into a world of adrenaline, strategy, and fun, ready to experience unforgettable emotions together with your teammates. The sessions take place in a picturesque wooded location, enriched by clearings and trails, located in the Sibillini Mountains near Norcia.

Everything you need to enjoy the experience to the fullest is provided: airsoft rifles, protective masks, magazines, camouflage jackets, pellets, hats, work gloves and various accessories to adapt to the type of game. To ensure a safe and fair experience for all participants, a referee will be present for the duration of the game, providing assistance and supervising the conduct of the activities.

Choose from our stimulating programs for an unforgettable airsoft experience, adaptable to your preferences and time availability:

Option 1

An exciting two-hour airsoft session, both in the morning and in the afternoon.

An adventure awaits you in the heart of nature, between woods and clearings, where you will be involved in a tactical warfare simulation. Each mission is carefully designed to test your strategic skills. After a detailed briefing and preliminary training, you’ll be ready to join your team and fight to achieve the mission’s goals.

Option 2

A more in-depth experience with a duration of three hours, giving you more time to immerse yourself in the world of airsoft.

With a mix of tactical and strategic action, this session allows you to hone your team skills and explore more complex scenarios. Get ready for an immersive challenge as you jump into battle with your teammates.

Option 3

For those looking for a complete and intense experience, the four-hour option offers maximum immersion in the world of airsoft.

Combine the adrenaline rush of simulated shootouts with the beauty of the surrounding nature for an experience you won’t easily forget. With various missions and scenarios, you’ll have the opportunity to put your leadership and strategy skills to the test as you lead your team to victory.

Recommended clothing:

To ensure comfortable and safe participation, we recommend that you wear work gloves, thick, dark-colored long pants, fleece (especially in the autumn, winter, or spring seasons), sturdy boots with sculpted soles, terry socks, and bring a spare T-shirt and a bottle of water.

The experience is always combined with a typical Umbrian lunch and recommended for groups of friends, stag parties and team building.

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