River rafting

Rafting in Italy is an exciting activity and regulated by the Italian Rafting Federation (FIR), which not only oversees competitive events but also promotes the safety and responsible practice of this exciting water sport. The numerous associations scattered throughout the country offer a wide range of experiences, ranging from challenges on artificial courses to exciting slaloms, from adrenaline-filled head-to-heads to cross-country and speed trials. If you are a lover of outdoor activities and adventure sports, Umbria emerges as one of the main destinations, offering breathtaking scenery and rivers full of opportunities for rafting enthusiasts. Rafting, with its combination of adventure and nature, is an amazing experience that captivates both novices and professionals. Along the rivers, streams and streams that crisscross Italy, spectacular scenery opens up that suits every level of experience and landscape preference. It was officially recognized as a sport by the Italian National Olympic Committee in 2010, confirming its importance in the national sports scene. The thrill of braving rushing rapids and breathtaking waterfalls aboard special rafts is one of the reasons why more and more families are venturing out on this unique adventure. And they do it with maximum safety, thanks to the expert guide and the appropriate equipment, which guarantee an unforgettable experience for all participants. Rafting in Umbria is also very popular overseas for teambuilding challenges.

In Umbria, the Valnerina is considered the ideal place for rafting for several reasons: the nature is wild and unspoiled, with rivers flowing through breathtaking gorges and valleys. This scenery provides a perfect environment for adventure and exploration.

The Valnerina offers a variety of rafting routes suitable for all levels, from beginners to experts. There are stretches of river with challenging rapids for adrenaline seekers, but also quieter routes suitable for families and beginners.

The valley is also well-equipped to welcome rafting enthusiasts, with numerous experienced guides and rafting centers offering quality equipment and support services to ensure optimal safety during the activity. In addition to the thrill of rafting, the Valnerina also offers the chance to immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the region. With abbeys, hermitages, and shrines dotting the landscape, visitors can combine riverside adventure with discovering ancient traditions and spiritual places.

Immersed in the evocative landscape of the Sibillini Mountains National Park, the harmonious confluence of the Velino and Nera rivers gives life to the majestic Marmore Falls, one of the most impressive majestic works in Europe, capable of capturing the attention of visitors with its breathtaking beauty. Here, among the winding waterways and majestic cliffs that stand as guardians of nature, stretches of river loved by rafting practitioners unfold, who find in this unique environment the perfect setting to immerse themselves in unforgettable emotions. When the weather conditions allow it and the temperature is inviting, the more adventurous can even enjoy the natural trampolines, real invitations to dive into the foaming and crystal-clear waters that flow below.

It is an experience that combines the adrenaline of rapids with the wild charm of nature, creating indelible memories for anyone who ventures into these enchanted and fascinating lands.

The rafting experience is a collective activity, designed to be shared in a group, which makes it perfect for families with children, as it offers thrills suitable for all ages. However, it is important to consider the level of difficulty of the chosen route: some “high adrenaline” sections may not be suitable for children, and there may be age limits to be respected for the safety of all participants.


To ensure maximum safety, each dinghy is led by at least one experienced and licensed guide, who guides the group through the rapids and provides valuable instructions for a safe and enjoyable descent. Each member of the group uses their own paddle, following the guide’s directions to navigate through the waters with precision and safety. In the rafting centers, all the technical equipment necessary for the activity is provided, including safe and stable inflatable boats, neoprene wetsuits to protect from the cold of the water, helmets and life jackets to ensure the safety of all participants. Thanks to this attention and the skills of the guides, every rafting adventure becomes an unforgettable and safe experience for the whole family.

In the picturesque river park along the Nera River, rafting is just the beginning of a wide range of sporting experiences waiting to be discovered. From thrilling inflatable canoe adventures to thrilling hydrospeed, to exploring deep gorges via canyoning and trekking. The possibilities for fun are virtually endless. And if your holiday goes on a little longer and you have children in tow, you can add extra excitement to your trip to the Adventure Park by tackling the Tibetan suspension bridge or letting yourself be transported back in time with a romantic donkey ride through the picturesque surrounding villages.

Umbria in summary offers a perfect mix of adventure, nature and fun to satisfy all tastes and ages. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a nature explorer or simply eager to create unforgettable memories in the company of your loved ones, this destination will never disappoint your expectations, offering you a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After the exciting rafting experience, we will treat ourselves to a well-deserved and delicious lunch at a typical tavern in the picturesque Valnerina. Immersed in the cozy and rustic atmosphere of this traditional place, we will have the opportunity to taste a rich variety of typical local products, which will delight our palates with authentic and genuine flavors.

From delicious platters of local cured meats and cheeses, to the freshness of seasonal salads, passing through tasty culinary specialties prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients from the rich Umbrian land accompanied by prestigious local wines such as Sagrantino di Montefalco, Montefalco Rosso,Orvieto Classico, the Rosso di Torgiano, each dish will lead us to discover the gastronomic traditions of this fascinating region accompanied by the cordial hospitality of the staff, this moment of conviviality will be a perfect opportunity to share emotions, stories and laughter with our fellow adventurers, making this day of adventure and taste even more unforgettable..

After lunch, upon request, it is possible to organize a guided tour with a private tour guide, or independently, to the wonderful Marmore Falls, which offers numerous trails of varying difficulty for trekking and nature lovers. Discover the Marmore Falls with us!

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