Foligno, nestled in the Umbrian hills, hides a precious treasure: the wonderful Parco dell’Altolina (Altolina Park). This treasure trove of wilderness and unspoiled nature stands as an island of untouched beauty, despite its proximity to the city. Here, time seems to stand still, preserving a sense of isolation and mystery compared to the region’s ancient shopping streets and most famous urban centers.

The Altolina Park is enriched by a series of characteristic villages and towns that preserve their historical and cultural charm, offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the tradition and authenticity of the Umbrian rural life. Characterized by an evocative atmosphere andawell-preserved medieval architecture, Rasiglia is the most fascinating and seductive village in the park, famous above all for its numerous water springs that cross the town, giving it a unique and bewitching atmosphere; hence the name of: “little Venice of Umbria“.

The springs of Rasiglia, among which that of Capovena stands out, feed the Menotre river and have been a fundamental resource for the life and development of the village for centuries. The presence of water has favoured the birth of ancient mills, fulling mills and textile factories, which have formed the backbone of the local economy and have contributed to the prosperity of Rasiglia over the centuries. The history of Rasiglia has its roots in the twelfth century, when the Umbrian village was already an important inhabited and commercial center, thanks to its strategic position along the transit routes of the Umbrian-Marche Apennines. The walls and towers of the Rocca, although now reduced to ruins, still tell the story of a heroic and glorious era. The ancient textile and wool processing activities, fed by the power of the waters of the Menotre river, are testimony to the hard work and craftsmanship of its inhabitants over the centuries. It was precisely the presence of ancient defensive structures and its strategic position on the border between the Trinci possessions and the diocese of Spoleto that gave rise to the majestic Rocca di Rasiglia, which testifies to the crucial role that the village has played in the history of the region.

Today, Rasiglia preserves its medieval atmosphere intact, with its narrow and winding streets, stone houses and cobbled alleys that invite you to a pleasant walk through history and tradition. The village is also renowned for its vibrant community and craft traditions that are still passed down from generation to generation. Rasiglia is enlivened by cultural and folkloristic events that celebrate its traditions and historical heritage, such as the living nativity scene during the Christmas holidays and the festival of “Penelope in Rasiglia“, dedicated to the art of weaving. During the Living Nativity Scene of Rasiglia, the inhabitants immerse themselves in the past wearing typical clothes of the trades of the ‘900, an era of great productive activity in the village. The houses are transformed into living scenes, welcoming carpenters, weavers, dyers, laundresses and many other traditional crafts. Visitors can explore the dwellings, admiring the ancient work tools and carefully preserved architectural remains. The streets of the town become welcoming and evocative thanks to fires and candles, while the scent of straw evokes atmospheres of yesteryear. The tourists can delight in Umbrian specialties,such as mulled wine,the homemade biscuits and typical dishes of the region, while the Hut with Ox, Donkey, Joseph, Mary and the Baby in flesh and blood completes the magical picture of the event, surrounded by the waters that symbolize the magic of the place.

Rasiglia is an enchanting place that combines history, nature and authenticity, offering a unique and unforgettable experience to anyone who visits the Altolina Park, which extends over an area of striking scenic beauty, is a place of extraordinary importance for the conservation of nature and biodiversity in the region. Rasiglia offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the surrounding nature, with excursions and walks in the surroundings that lead to breathtaking views and places of naturalistic interest, such as the Menotre Waterfalls and the Abbadessa Caves. The activities within the park are focused on the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment, promoting sustainability and respect for the ecosystem. Recreational activities on offer include hiking, hiking, bird watching, mountain biking, and horseback riding, allowing visitors to explore and fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this enchanted place, where time seems to dilate and the song of the water accompanies every step along the winding alleys steeped in history. Rasiglia will welcome you with its irresistible magnetism, giving you an unforgettable experience in the folds of time and nature.

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