Just like a fairy tale, like a nativity scene, the enchanted village of Rasiglia looks like a painting.

Perched on a mountain in the Valle Del Menotre, Rasiglia is known as “Umbria’s little Venice” or “the village of streams,” which flow through cobblestone streets and small stone houses.

Rasiglia recounts a past of weavers, dyers, and carpenters, whose tradition is still alive and well in the village today, among ancient wash houses, windmills still in operation, and historic workshops. Also worth visiting are the ruins of the Morro Castle, which once belonged to one of the village’s most prominent families, and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace, inside which frescoes dating back to the 15th century can be seen.

All of this is framed by the flow of crystal-clear spring waters that gather in small streams, pools of water and small waterfalls, a world of other times in which time is marked by the gentle flow of water.

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