Perugia is the capital of Umbria, representing many cities in one, all fascinating and all full of history. Perugia is Etruscan, Perugia is Roman, Perugia is medieval, Perugia is Renaissance!

Between the many monuments, incredible works of art, Etruscan remains and the green surrounding countryside, a weekend in Umbria is a really good choice for your next trip!

Perugia is located in the green heart of Italy, on an acropolis set amid the magnificent landscape of Umbria. The historic center is small and compact: the hamlets, alleys, and small houses tell endless stories.

Perugia’s history dates back to the ancient Etruscans, who settled here many centuries before Christ. The Romans established an important colony there called Perusia, while in the Middle Ages the city became a free commune, remaining prosperous and powerful until the sixteenth century, when it came under the control of the papacy. The endless stories of Perugia and its inhabitants, its streets, its views and its buildings have left traces among the streets of the historic center, and in the works of art you will find numerous in the city’s museums. Just think of the great masters Pietro Vannucci (known as Perugino) and Bernardino Betti (known as Pinturicchio) who both worked in Perugia, and the young Raphael who was a pupil in Perugino’s studio until 1504.



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Since 1973, the Umbrian capital has hosted Umbria Jazz every year, the summer event par excellence, the event that makes every corner of Perugia extraordinary with music, colors, lights and internationally renowned artists and others from all over.

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