Tandem Parachute Jump

Parachuting has a fascinating history dating back centuries, with roots going back to the earliest inventions and attempts at human flight. It is believed that the first ideas and inventions for a life-saving device that allowed people to safely descend from high heights date back to at least the fifteenth century. One of the earliest drawings of a parachute was attributed to Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th century, although it was never functionally realized.

Over the next few centuries, various inventors and scientists continued to develop concepts and prototypes for parachuting. However, it was not until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that the first real successful launch attempts were made. In the eighteenth century, the French Louis-Sébastien Lenormand is credited with performing the first documented jump using a canvas and wood parachute. However, these first attempts were mainly related to the evolution of equipment and the improvement of jumping techniques.

During World War I, parachuting began to be used for military purposes, primarily as a means of evacuation for pilots of aircraft in distress. During World War II, military skydiving became an essential tactic for air operations, with paratroopers engaged in combat missions and infiltration behind enemy lines.

Today, skydiving has become an extremely popular and accessible sport, with thousands of people around the world taking up parachute jumping both as a hobby and competitively. Modern training techniques and advanced skydiving equipment have made the activity safer than ever, allowing people of all ages to experience the thrill of flying through the sky with a parachute.

Parachute jumping is an addictive and thrilling experience that provides pure adrenaline as you descend from the sky to the ground.

Parachute jumping is performed from an aircraft and consists of jumping into the void with an open or opening parachute, followed by a controlled descent until landing. Before the launch, participants are instructed on how to properly wear the equipment and how to follow the instructions received during the jump. This ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Once in the air, the feeling of freedom is indescribable. You can feel the wind on your skin and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view as you slowly descend to the ground. Adrenaline pumps hard during the initial free fall, when traveling at high speeds before opening the parachute. After the parachute opens, the feeling of calm and tranquility prevails as you float gently through the sky. It’s an ideal time to take in the surrounding scenery and take in the beauty of nature from a unique perspective.

Finally, landing is often one of the most fun and exciting parts of parachute jumping. With the guidance of the instructor or after following the instructions received, you plan your landing to make sure it is safe and controlled.

Parachuting is a unique and indescribable experience that brings with it a wide range of emotions and sensations. The feeling of launching yourself into the void and flying freely through the sky can generate a sense of pure joy and exhilaration. It’s a feeling of absolute freedom that can be difficult to replicate with other activities. The initial free fall, when traveling at high speeds towards the ground, causes a significant increase in adrenaline: this intense thrill is often one of the most exciting parts of the whole experience. Admiring the view from above, with a breathtaking view of the earth below and the sky above you, can generate a sense of wonder and enchantment. It’s a time when you really feel connected to the beauty and vastness of the world. With the opening of the parachute, the feeling of calm and tranquility prevails as you slowly descend towards the ground: this contrast between the adrenaline of the free fall and the peace of the parachute descent can be extremely rewarding.

Overcoming your fear and embarking on a new adventure can generate a deep sense of personal pride and satisfaction. It is a personal achievement that can boost self-esteem and self-confidence.

The parachute jump in Umbria offers the possibility to appreciate spectacular landscapes, combined to the almost always favorable weather conditions, cultural richness and a relaxing atmosphere, elements that make this region an ideal place to experience an unforgettable adventure in the air. During the parachute jump, you can admire ancient medieval villages, castles, churches, and monasteries from above, further enriching the experience with a deep connection to the region’s cultural heritage.

After the meeting with our expert pilot and instructor, who will always be by your side, you will put on all the equipment provided with care and precision to carry out the activity in total safety: parachute, suit and harness. Together with your guide, you will head to the runway, immersed in the excitement of what awaits you.

After an informative briefing of only 5 minutes, you will be fully prepared to face the experience in complete safety, ready for take-off and the start of this extraordinary activity. You will learn every essential detail: from the position before the door is opened, to the jumping technique, to the perfect free-fall position, to the parachute opening, to the open gliding and the flawless landing.

On request, you can record a video that will capture every moment of your flight, delivering it at the end of the adventure. In this way, you will be able to relive and share with others every moment of this epic adventure as you cross the skies of Umbria by parachute! Get ready to take to the skies and create lasting memories of this unforgettable experience!

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