Foligno is an Italian town in the province of Perugia, in Umbria, and is also nicknamed “The Center of the World” because of its geographical position in the heart of the Umbrian Valley. Foligno was considered the center of the world already in ancient times, in fact it is the heart of the Italian peninsula which in turn is located at the center of Europe and the Mediterranean. Legend has it that in the 1950s the center of the world was recalculated and identified with a red pin located in the center of the billiards table of the famous “café del corso“. Today the “coffee” no longer exists, but the pin is still made of a crystal inserted in the floor of the new shop.

Those who go to this small town, distinguished by great historical and artistic importance, cannot fail to go to the central square: the Piazza della Repubblica, where, among other things, St. Francis of Assisi began his journey of conversion and donated his clothes for the first time. Here we find Palazzo Trinci, the palace where the Trinci family lived and reigned over the city for over a century. Also located in Piazza della Repubblica is the imposing cathedral of San Feliciano, patron saint and symbol of the city with breathtaking works and frescoes.

Among the other sites of interest to visit in Foligno cannot be missed, the gigantic work located inside the church of SS Trinità in Annunziata. “The Cosmic Magnet“, as it is called, is the representation of a giant human skeleton, 24 meters long and 9 meters wide, a work that will leave you breathless!

The most important street is Corso Cavour, suitable for those who want to take a walk among shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas, hotels, museums, all located in the same street. If you want to eat the best pistachio ice cream in the world, Foligno is the right place, with the Crispini ice cream parlor located in Corso Cavour, which in 2017 was awarded the record of the best ice cream in the world. Among the places in Foligno, to spend your holidays relaxing and let even the little ones play, we find the Flex Beach, a wonderful water park and bathing establishment that offers numerous services such as the beach with sea sand, the 5 slides, the paddle courts, the beach volleyball courts, the swimming pool for adults and children. In Foligno there is also no shortage of fun, the city is in fact full of discos, to which many famous people have gone, located 10 minutes from the historic center and nightclubs located within the center.

Among the main events to have fun and discover new traditions we find the Quintana di Foligno, which takes place in June and September and lasts two weeks. During these two weeks, the center of Foligno is teeming with locals and tourists who come from all over Italy to participate in this event. The city is divided into 10 districts and in the most beautiful villages of the city there are 10 taverns where every evening you can eat typical dishes of the area, staying in company even until late in the evening. At the end of these two intense weeks, in which almost every evening we find a different event such as, for example, the Palio di San Rocco,the fair of the Soprastanti, the historical procession that gives, among other things, the opportunity to see the typical clothes of the ‘800, there is the real joust located in the “Campo de Li Giochi” in which the 10 districts with 10 respective horses and riders compete for the Palio.

In addition to being a living center of art and history, Foligno is also characterized by wonderful green areas where nature shows its best side, such as the Menotre Falls. The waterfalls can be reached via a path that starts from Belfiore, the route takes about an hour and a half and is suitable for everyone. The Menotre Waterfalls are particularly beautiful during periods of greater water flow, such as after heavy rains or in the spring. Their beauty is amplified by the natural setting that surrounds them: lush forests, craggy rocks, and lush vegetation. It is an ideal place for nature lovers and those looking for tranquility and peace away from the busy city life.

The waterfalls of the Menotre River also offer opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities. There are often hiking trails that lead to the viewpoints of the falls, allowing visitors to take in the natural spectacle from different perspectives. In addition, many people find it pleasant to picnic in the surrounding areas, enjoying the freshness of the air and the soothing sound of the water flowing down the river.

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